Q: what holds up production on press, gives you poor print quality and machine down time.
A: poor squeegee rubber.

DURA BLADE is designed for the demands of today’s busy print shops. Down time kills production and leads to costly overtime and poor quality work.      
Dura blade is a very tough squeegee blade with a long life, good solvent and UV resistance.

At AD COLOUR we understand what is needed in the design of our latest squeegee rubbers and have gone to great lengths to test modify and adapt our new technology to create what we think is the best squeegee blade on the market today.


"Dura Blade offers the printer a better and more consistant print quality and on multicolour Thiemes offer the advantage of less down time due to the durability of the squeegee edge" 

"the price was competitve and when we tried it it last so long im now spending less than half what i did a month for other rubbers".

"this squeegee blade offers the printer a hugh advantage in printability and long edge life, which means less sharpening!!" Tony Perrett AD COLOUR LTD.

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